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These countertops are made either from recycled teak or the teak that is grown in plantations specifically for the purpose of manufacturing. The recycled teak, which is available in 3 sizes, is taken from buildings that have been demolished and have markings that give each countertop a unique and distinctive appearance. The plantation teak can be made in any width up to a maximum of 2 metres and is available in the natural and 5 optional oiled finishes. Both materials can be supplied with stainless steel brackets which are available in a brushed, black or white finish.

Solid teak countertop

Made to measure - up to 2m
D 52.5 x H 4cm > Ref 7015

Recycled teak countertops

L 60 x D 52 x H 4cm > Ref 7000
L 90 x D 52 x H 4cm > Ref 7005
L 120 x D 52 x H4cm > Ref 7010

Wall Brackets

Stainless Steel
Up to a width of 1.2m > Ref 7011
Above a width of 1.2m > Ref 7012

Up to a width of 1.2m > Ref 7013
Above width of 1.2m > Ref 7014

Up to a width of 1.2m > Ref 7016
Above width of 1.2m > Ref 7017

Recycled teak mirrors

L 40 x H 70 x D 3cm > Ref 0070
L 60 x H 70 x D 3cm > Ref 0071
L90 x H 90 x D 3cm > Ref 0072
L 120 x H 70 x D3cm > Ref 0073