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Urban 2

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Urban 2

Now available as a floor mounted basin unit with either a black or white frame Urban 2 is a further development of Urban the wall mounted version. It is available in 3 sizes with drawers.

Basin units

Single basin units with 1 drawer
L 50 x D 52 x H 50cm > Ref 6000
L 90 x D 52 x H 50cm > Ref 6005

Double basin unit with 2 drawers
L 120 x D 52 x H 50cm > Ref 6010


Storage unit with 1 drawer
L 50 x D 52 x H 40cm > Ref 6100

Removable drawer insert/storage
L x 34.5 x D 35.2 x H 15cm > Ref 6090

Wall hung column unit with 1 door
L 40 x D 34 x H 100cm > Ref 1050

Column unit with 2 doors
L 40 x D 36 x H 180cm > Ref 6020

Base units

Black metal base
50cm - Ref 2.60.500BM
90cm – Ref 2.60.505BM
120cm – Ref 2.60.510BM

White metal base
50cm - Ref 2.60.500WM
90cm – Ref 2.60.505WM
120cm – Ref 2.60.510WM

Teak Finishes

As teak is a dense hardwood containing its own natural oil our furniture can be supplied in a natural finish. Alternatively, to add further protection and personalise your furniture, we offer 5 optional finishes.

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Stone Countertop Options

Selected ranges of our teak furniture have a variety of countertop options for you to choose from.

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